Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD. offers 10% discount on comprehensive & non-comprehensive maintenance services to support your critical power and electronic equipment to run 24x7 backup to industry and commercial centers.


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We are offering UPS and Inverter Repair Services at all location in Mumbai. Powertronics Corporation is among the best Power Inverter Dealers. Powertronics Corporation the superb quality of UPS repair and services done by the experienced and qualified engineers helping the betterment of company. We are offering UPS Repair and Services in Mumbai.

Inverter Repair And Services

We offer Inverter Repair and Services in Mumbai at affordable rates. We fix all issues in inverter including failing to charge, battery damage, water filling, installation, blown fuse, servicing or some internal wiring issues. Our experienced and skilled professionals charge a small fee for inspection & repairing of multiple brands. To ensure great experience through our services, we keep everything simple & transparent. Schedule your Inverter Repair and Service in Mumbai today and live the life without any worries

The Key Factors For Our Success Are As Follows:

  • High efficiency

  • Intelligent Battery Management

  • Optional additional Battery Packs

  • Built-in Energy Meter

  • Best-in-class Power Density

  • Rack / Tower Convertible