Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD. offers 10% discount on comprehensive & non-comprehensive maintenance services to support your critical power and electronic equipment to run 24x7 backup to industry and commercial centers.


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Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD provides first-rate support and service for UPS products that we sell. We are one of the largest distributors of power quality products from UPS, a leading innovator of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). UPS products are distinguished by their advanced engineering and superior quality. Battery has been a leading innovator for UPS products for decades and they are used across many industries – financial, medical, industrial, communications, military and aerospace – where continuous power is essential. The leading UPS Battery Dealer and Inverter Battery Dealer in Mumbai, Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD offers highly sophisticated and efficient ups battery including inverter battery, Inverters and Solar scrap battery. We acquire a variety of UPS systems produced by internationally recognized UPS Dealer and exporters and from pre-verified and genuine UPS dealer in Mumbai. Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD is the most efficient Electrical contractors and consultants in the field to electrical installation. We undertake turnkey projects, deals in electric goods, provide consultancy services to the clients in the field of electrical construction in Mumbai. When the UPS or Battery detects a failure, the APC Smart UPS Online automatically switches over to utility power without dropping the load. The UPS is designed as per the need of the business and we, top-notch UPS dealers in Mumbai offer only the best solution for you. Our complete after sales service is the reason why our relationship with the customer goes above and beyond the sale of UPS. The battery for the UPS can be replaced as and when necessary for the Back UPS, Smart UPS and Online Smart UPS. APC also has battery backup solutions for home computer systems, external servers and other electronic equipments.

UPS Battery Suppliers In Mumbai

Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD range of products UPS dealers in Mumbai complies with international standards and is designed to serve in Mumbai power conditions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with ultra-modern testing facilities are systematically planned and built to deliver products with a high standard of manufacturing. The products manufactured in these plants undergo stringent quality tests at every stage of manufacturing UPS dealers in Mumbai


Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD is leading battery dealer in Mumbai. we sell SMF (Sealed and Maintenance free) Batteries in Mumbai. Stationary Batteries with longer life. and Tubular battery in Mumbai. Battery is a string of two or more cells in a series, and there are various kinds of batteries like electrolytic batteries, stationary battery, sealed maintenance free battery, tubular battery, etc.

The Key Factors For Our Success Are As Follows:

  • High efficiency

  • Intelligent Battery Management

  • Optional additional Battery Packs

  • Built-in Energy Meter

  • Best-in-class Power Density

  • Rack / Tower Convertible