Powertronic Corporate Solution PVT LTD. offers 10% discount on comprehensive & non-comprehensive maintenance services to support your critical power and electronic equipment to run 24x7 backup to industry and commercial centers.


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Nowadays, power shortage has become a common issue across the globe. Research says that with the rising world population, the non-renewable sources of energy are also getting depleted at a faster rate. That's why it's high time to tap other alternate sources of energy. We, at Powertronics Corporation, provide a huge range of advanced Commercial Solar Panel in Mumbai that operate on the versatile solar technology.

We are offering wide range of Panasonic battery which is long lasting in services. This Panasonic battery can function efficiently even in tough & high ambient temperature. These Panasonic UPS battery are developed with unique grid technology for float life application. Panasonic battery now not only differs in terms of size, shape and voltage source. These batteries are widely used for various standby power requirements of UPS, Inverter and Emergency Lights and many other works.

Top Solar Panel Supplier & Solar Panel Distributors In Mumbai

we have emerged to be one of the leading Solar Panel Dealers in Mumbai and are meeting bulk requirements of various industries and commercial complexes. Our offered systems have batteries installed in them which helps in storing power for further use during the period of day when sunlight is not available.

Our fully integrated and customized approach, services & solutions help us to win the heart of our esteemed clients along with their maximum satisfaction. Thus, business transactions, perfect transport facilities and a good network are the few important features that boon to our company in today's era.

Choosing Powertronics Corporation not only helped to lower your energy costs but also assists you in making a good decision for your community & environment. So, don't get late and avail the services of Solar Panel Dealers in Mumbai offered by us at reasonable prices. There are also various customizable solutions available at our dealership to enhance your comfort level.

The Key Factors For Our Success Are As Follows:

  • High efficiency

  • Intelligent Battery Management

  • Optional additional Battery Packs

  • Built-in Energy Meter

  • Best-in-class Power Density

  • Rack / Tower Convertible